Television purgatory....

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Welcome to Television Purgatory, the half-way house between Tv Hell and Tv Heaven.

I am your host, the ever so slightly machiavellian matte_kudesai.

What do we rant about? TV, naturally. All the old programmes that we all knew and loved as kids, and the programmes that we remember vaguely.

Want to be reminded of a programme from some far off period in time that you had forgotten?

Want to remind people of some jewel from those ancient times that we all adored?

This is the place for you.

1. There are no real rules.

2. Don't be afraid of being obscure. If anything some of the best progs out there are the one's that people have never heard of.

3. Friendly banter only, folks. Feel free to argue about a character that you despise/love, but keep the hatred out of here. Brothers and sisters shouldn't brawl.

4. I don't mind people advertising their tape library or any videos that they have for sale, or for trade. As a matter of fact, I wholeheartedly encourage tape-traders to come along. If you think you have something of interest, by all means, drop us a line (and expect me haranguing you endlessly for a copy or two, I'm that kind of fellow. XD)

5. Enjoy yourself.

6. Oh, keep the spam to a minimum. I'm not the most hitlerian of admins but I have a short enough fuse.